Become a Volunteer

January 27, 2021

“Without Volunteers, there is no Red Cross.”

When you join Fiji Red Cross Society as a volunteer, you join 17 million Red Cross volunteers from 192 countries.

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As a volunteer, you are the first to go into communities to help, conduct awareness programmes and gather information.

The Society values, respects and relies on volunteers to carry out most of its activities and programmes throughout Fiji.

Remember, becoming a volunteer should never be about the money you will receive as allowance or about making your CV look good or about furthering your career. It is always about what we can give back to those that need it the most.

You may work voluntarily at all levels of the Society, including communities and online, harnessing different skill sets across a diverse range of activities that will benefit the Society and the people and communities we serve.

Expect to cross rivers, hike up mountains, be on your feet for long hours and during a disaster response to have less sleep. It isn’t the easiest of work, but it is fulfilling.

So, if you have a humanitarian interest, you are welcomed to be a volunteer.

All volunteers within the Fiji Red Cross Society are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement that contributes in their own communities all over the world.

To become a volunteer, you may visit your nearest branch or Fiji Red Cross Society office and speak with a branch executive or staff and they will guide you through the process.  Please bring along a valid ID showing your photo and an updated CV.

If, as a volunteer, you wish to contribute more to the Fiji Red Cross, you are entitled to become a member of the society.

This membership is open to all irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, disability etc.


Members contribute immensely to the functioning of the society.

As part of branches of the society, they take part in governance, meeting contributions and decision making.

There are 4 main types of members which are Honorary, Youth, Junior Red Cross and the general members. The role of member’s contribution is not just limited to the branches but can also reach the National Council which is the highest governing committee within the Fiji Red Cross Society.




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