Disaster Management

Disaster Management

Disaster events are disruptive and can be very stressful. The disaster management programme for the Fiji Red Cross Society ensure that individuals, families and communities are prepared for emergencies and we have the capacity and resource to support those that are devastated by an event.





Emergency Response Training

Capacity building staff and volunteers is crucial to enhancing FRCS service delivery. In this preparedness, FRCS invest a lot of resource in training volunteers and staff. Such training include the Community Emergency Response Team Training (CERT). FRCS is excited in the current development of new training manuals, including the upcoming:

    • Branch Emergency Response Team Training (BERT) manual
    • Division Emergency Response Training (DERT) manual
    • National Emergency Response Training (NERT) manual



Pre-Cyclone Briefing

The Pre-Cyclone Briefing is an annual activity in the Fiji Red Cross Society calendar of events where the National Society engages its branches, government stakeholders and other actors in the humanitarian space to create a keen awareness on the work that we do in a time of response. This exercise is crucial as it reminds key humanitarian stakeholders the importance of proper coordination in times of an emergency.




Disaster Preparedness Stocktake

There are 36 locations/sites strategically located and stocked with relief Non-Food Items (NFIs). The NFIs comprise of a pre-determined combination of standardised items, deemed essential in the initial disaster response. The Logistics team at the national office continue to coordinate with 16 Branches to ensure efficiency and effective management of NFIs


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