Disaster Management

January 27, 2021

Disaster Management

Disaster events can be highly disruptive and emotionally taxing. The Fiji Red Cross Society’s Disaster Management Program is dedicated to ensuring that individuals, families, and communities are well-prepared for emergencies. We aim to bolster our capacity and resources so that we can effectively support those who are profoundly affected by such events.





Emergency Response Training

At the Fiji Red Cross Society, we understand that strengthening the capabilities of our staff and volunteers is paramount to improving our service delivery. To this end, we allocate significant resources to provide comprehensive training opportunities. Among these valuable training programs is the Community Emergency Response Team Training (CERT).

We are thrilled to announce our ongoing efforts to develop new training manuals, which will further enhance our preparedness and response efforts. These forthcoming manuals include:

  1. Branch Emergency Response Team Training (BERT) manual
  2. Division Emergency Response Training (DERT) manual
  3. National Emergency Response Training (NERT) manual

These resources are designed to equip our dedicated team with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to emergencies at various levels of our organization.



Pre-Cyclone Briefing

The Pre-Cyclone Briefing is a vital annual event on the Fiji Red Cross Society’s calendar. It serves as a platform where our National Society actively engages with its branches, government partners, and other stakeholders in the humanitarian sector. The primary aim is to raise awareness about the critical work we undertake during emergency response situations.

This exercise holds immense significance as it serves as a timely reminder to key humanitarian stakeholders about the essentiality of effective coordination during times of crisis and emergency.




Disaster Preparedness Stock Assessment

Our disaster preparedness efforts include maintaining 36 strategically positioned sites fully stocked with essential Non-Food Items (NFIs) for relief purposes. These NFIs consist of a predetermined set of standardized items that are considered crucial during the initial phases of disaster response.

The logistics team at our national office is committed to seamless coordination with 16 branches, ensuring the efficient and effective management of these NFIs. This ensures that we are well-prepared to respond swiftly and effectively in times of crisis.


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