Restoring Family Links

In Fiji, natural disasters, such as tropical disasters occur regularly, and may lead to family contacts to be lost.

Telecommunications may be down, power cuts may prevent people from recharging their mobile phones, people may evacuate without having had a chance to inform their loved ones, and others may be injured and taken to hospitals without their relatives being aware.

There are other situations, which may result in people in Fiji losing contact with their loved ones, who may be in Fiji or abroad and find themselves in a situation that does not allow them to contact with their loved ones back home. If you lost contact with a loved one due to a humanitarian situation, you can contact either the nearest branch of the Fiji Red Cross Society or the team responsible for Restoring Family Links at the Headquarters in Suva. The Red Cross staff will try to help you restore contact if your situation falls within the established criteria.

This service is confidential and free of charge.



Whether you are in Fiji or anywhere else in the world, if you lost contact with a loved one, you can visit the Family Links Website at:

The website will direct you to the nearest Red Cross or Red Crescent Society and inform you, whether we can help you in your situation.

In large scale emergencies, we may also launch an online tracing service at this website, where you can:

  • Find names of people who are safe and people who are missing.
  • Register to let others know that you are safe
  • Register the names of relatives with whom you have lost contact




FRCS Restoring Family Link – US Armed Forces Emergency Release Process


US Armed Forces Emergency Release Requirements:


  • Name of Sender
  • Relationship to Armed Personnel
  • Residential Address
  • Phone Contact
  • Email Address

  • Patients signed Medical Record
  • Patient Birth Certificate (optional)
  • Email from Medical Officer to confirm the patient medical record

  • Death Certificate
  • RFL Focal Point to contact the details for the Medical Officer.

  • Name of Armed Personnel
  • Rank
  • Unit
  • Social Security Number
  • Residential Address
  • Reasons

All the steps 1-4 if provided in full when emailed to the American Red Cross is effected immediately as this service is 24/7 and is of free of charge services


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