Safety (First Aid & CPR)

First aid is immediate care provided to a sick or injured person before the arrival of advance medical care using resources available.

The Department aims to be the leading training provider in Fiji, in order to Preserve Life / Prevent Further Injuries & Promote Recovery.

The first-aid provider in the workplace or community is someone who is trained in the delivery of initial first aid techniques, using a limited amount of equipment to perform a primary assessment. (Low Tech / Low Waste / Local Resource Available). The purpose of the training is to create awareness and share skills and knowledge on saving lives and also to build in confidences to be ready to act during the time of emergencies whenever needed.

Training Includes;

  • Identifying and assessing the workplace risks that have the potential to cause injury or illness.
  • Designing and implementing a first-aid program.
  • Complies with OHS requirements that includes sufficient quantities of appropriate and readily accessible first-aid supplies and first-aid equipment, such as bandages and automated external defibrillators etc.
  • Train people in First Aid either at the Workplace or at Communities Levels.
  • Refresher courses on first-aid skills and knowledge.

FRCS – List of First Aid Trainings

Course Duration Fee FNU Grants Claimable (Yes or No)
Pacific First Aid & CPR 2 Days $50.00 per person Yes
Mind That Child 2 Days $55.00 per person Yes
CPR Refresher 1 Day $37.50 per person Yes
First Aid & Water Safety 3 Days $80.00 per person Yes
First Aid in Sports 3 Days $80.00 per person Yes
Elementary First Aid 3 Days $50.00 per person Yes
Trauma First Aid 1 day $50 per person Yes
People Saver 6 hrs $20.00 per Person No
First Aid Awareness 1 hr Free No


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