We couldn’t be prouder of our incredible volunteers who recently led a training session to raise awareness about the utmost importance of Child Protection in Emergencies within the communities of the Central Eastern Division. Their impact has been truly remarkable!

Over the past two days, our dedicated volunteers took the lead in conducting training sessions in the communities of Suva and Levuka. Their commitment to equipping others with the knowledge and skills to protect children during emergencies has been awe-inspiring!

Last year, our passionate Red Cross staff and volunteers underwent an intensive training program in collaboration with UNICEF. This training underscored the criticality of safeguarding children in times of crisis and equipped our team with valuable insights and expertise. Now, they are diligently sharing this invaluable knowledge with our volunteers and communities at large!

Thanks to the dedication and passion of our volunteers, the message of child protection in emergencies is spreading far and wide. Through engaging sessions, they have been empowering communities to play an active role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable—the children. Together, we can make a difference!

Their exceptional efforts are making a tangible impact by:

✅ Raising Awareness: Our volunteers are actively creating awareness about the signs of abuse, exploitation, or neglect, enabling prompt action to protect children in times of crisis.

✅ Building Capacity: By sharing their knowledge, our volunteers are building the capacity of individuals and communities to respond effectively to child protection challenges during emergencies. Together, we can create a protective shield around our children!

✅ Strengthening Networks: Our volunteers are forging collaborations with other organizations, agencies, and community stakeholders, establishing a robust network of support dedicated to the safety and well-being of children. Together, we can achieve so much more!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our amazing volunteers and dedicated staff for their unwavering commitment to championing child protection in emergencies. Their selfless actions are making a profound impact on the lives of vulnerable children, offering them a brighter and safer future.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary work of our volunteers! Together, let’s continue to spread awareness, advocate for policies that protect children in emergencies, and support the most precious members of our community—the children themselves. They deserve our utmost care and protection!

If you would like our volunteers to visit your community to conduct a training session on the importance of Child Protection in Emergencies, feel free to contact us.

Phone: 3314 133
Email: info@redcross.com.fj







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