Celebrating International Women’s Day; Salote Tupou

Salote Tupou
Disaster Management Officer

Salote Tupou is a well-known figure at the Fiji Red Cross Society. She is from the beautiful island of Cicia in the Lau Group.

Initially serving as the welcoming face for visitors and attendees, guiding them through meetings and addressing their inquiries, her journey began as a volunteer way back in 2009 handling logistics.

She proudly recalls her early days, where she was the lone female volunteer assisting with tasks like inventory management and ensuring stock accuracy.

With an unwavering passion, Tupou has dedicated herself to the society for many years, witnessing changes under four different Director Generals and observing how leadership styles shape the team dynamics.

It was only recently, under the current leadership, that she transitioned into Programs, fulfilling her desire for hands-on fieldwork and community engagement.

Now serving as the Disaster Management Officer, Tupou is looking forward to breaking barriers in what was traditionally a male-dominated field.

Determined to excel and pave the way for other aspiring females within the society, she remains committed to helping support all women needs, interests and aspiration in exploring new job opportunities.


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