Celebrating International Women’s Day; Win Shein

In September 1988, Win Shein and her husband, Dr. Mon, moved from Yamar, Burma, to Fiji.

This decision not only transformed their lives but also led them to deeply engage in humanitarian work. Dr. Mon’s job took them to different parts of Fiji, where they seamlessly integrated into local communities.

They spent a few years in Navua, then to Rakiraki before spending a few years in Navua. Settling in Tavua in 1993, they began their involvement with the Fiji Red Cross Society. With prior experience in the Red Cross in Burma, Win and Dr. Mon found a welcoming community in Fiji, eager to contribute.

Teaming up with their friend, Mr. Rohit, they organized successful volunteer drives, attracting over 100 participants at one event.

Life in Fiji was made comfortable by the familiar and delicious cuisine, drawing them back despite occasional visits to Burma.

Even after Dr. Mon’s passing, Win remained steadfast in her commitment to serving others, volunteering for the Red Cross and helping support diversity of women in volunteerism. She also provides her home as a hub for community activities.

Win Shein’s journey shows courage, compassion, and unwavering dedication to helping others especially those who may have had the same journey as hers. Coming from a faraway land and settling in a new country.

We are very blessed to have Win Shein in the Red Cross.


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