August 5, 2023

Sagaitu Josaia, Central Eastern Program Officer of the Fiji Red Cross, proudly represented our organization at the prestigious Emergency Needs Assessment Planning (ENAP) meeting held in Bogor, Indonesia.

The ENAP meeting brought together National Societies and participants from around the world, united by a common goal: enhancing global capacity in emergency needs assessment and planning. The overarching aim is to empower humanitarian organizations to make well-informed decisions based on robust evidence when formulating emergency response strategies.

Sagaitu Josaia’s participation exemplified the Fiji Red Cross’s unwavering commitment to bolstering its capabilities in disaster preparedness and response. By actively engaging in the ENAP platform, the Fiji Red Cross aims to contribute to the development and implementation of effective emergency plans that can make a tangible difference in times of crisis.

At the heart of the Movement lies a dedication to strengthening the foundation of emergency response efforts. The knowledge shared and insights gained during the ENAP meeting are poised to further elevate the Fiji Red Cross’s ability to assess and address critical needs during emergencies, ultimately resulting in more efficient and impactful interventions.

Sagaitu Josaia’s presence at the ENAP meeting underscores the Fiji Red Cross’s commitment to international collaboration and learning from global best practices. This participation reaffirms our pledge to remain at the forefront of disaster management, continually striving to enhance our ability to serve communities and safeguard lives.


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