#savethefishcleanthedrain Campaign Sparks Positive Change Across Fiji”

In recent days, we traveled through the West and the North, taking part in the #savethefishcleanthedrain competition led by Fiji Red Cross Society branches.

The response from local communities exceeded expectations, with over a thousand people from different parts of Fiji supporting their Red Cross Branches. This showcased the unity and commitment within these communities.

Branches worked tirelessly with community members and stakeholders to clear chosen areas, covering distances of over 400 meters from coastal regions to waterfalls. They aimed to make a real impact, and the changes were evident.

Seeing water flow freely from mountains to the sea and the return of fish and eels was a clear result of this collective effort.

The variety of items pulled from the drains, including shopping trolleys, wheelbarrows, car seats, bicycle parts, microwaves, and sofas, highlighted the need for the #savethefishcleanthedrain campaign.

The #savethefishcleanthedrain initiative puts Red Cross Branches at the forefront of drain cleaning efforts in their respective areas. The campaign follows a three-step process involving registration, community and stakeholder engagement, and implementation. While its primary focus is on clearing drains, the campaign also emphasizes the importance of documenting the progress of this work and sharing it on Facebook.

Expressing thanks for community and stakeholder support, Ragigia Dawai, Director General of the Fiji Red Cross Society, stressed ongoing community involvement. “The first big job is done. If the community disposes of waste efficiently and we keep our drains clean, it would make a huge difference,” she noted, emphasizing the importance of maintaining positive changes.

The #savethefishcleanthedrain campaign, a community-led initiative supported by the META Foundation, aims to be an annual event. Dawai envisions its continued impact on communities and the environment. The campaign represents a commitment to environmental care and encourages communities to take charge of their surroundings for a cleaner, healthier future.

Red Cross Branches across the country have successfully completed their cleanup efforts and are currently anticipating the arrival of judges who will visit each area covered by the branches.


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