Suva, Friday 26th May 2023 – The Fiji Red Cross Society is pleased to announce the acceptance of a significant charitable donation from the estate of Joyce Heeraman. This generous contribution, facilitated by the Fiji Public Trustee, will empower the organization to further its mission of providing vital humanitarian assistance and support to those in need.

Joyce Heeraman, a compassionate individual deeply committed to helping others, expressed her strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need through her last wishes. With the support of the Fiji Public Trustee, Ms Heeraman’s charitable vision is being realized through this substantial donation to the Fiji Red Cross Society.

The Fiji Red Cross Society has long been a beacon of hope, delivering essential humanitarian aid, promoting health and well-being, and building resilience within communities across Fiji. Their dedication to serving the most vulnerable, particularly during times of crisis and disaster, has earned them wide recognition and admiration.

The donation from Joyce Heeraman’s estate, facilitated by the Fiji Public Trustee, will greatly enhance the Fiji Red Cross Society’s ability to expand its critical programs and reach even more individuals in need. The funds will support initiatives such as disaster response and recovery efforts, health services, blood drives, community development projects, education, and comprehensive care services.

Expressing gratitude for this transformative contribution, Romit Maharaj, Chief Financial Controller of the Fiji Red Cross Society, said, “We are immensely grateful to the estate of Joyce Heeraman and the Fiji Public Trustee for their exceptional generosity. This donation will enable us to strengthen our support for vulnerable individuals and communities, providing them with the assistance they need during times of adversity. We are deeply honoured to receive this charitable gift and are committed to using it effectively to uplift lives and create a better future for all.”

The Fiji Public Trustee, renowned for its commitment to fulfilling the charitable goals of its clients, expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to facilitate such a meaningful donation. Through their dedication to administering estates in accordance with the deceased’s last wishes, the Fiji Public Trustee continues to enable acts of kindness that bring about positive change in society.

The Fiji Red Cross Society welcomes this significant donation as a testament to the power of charitable giving and the enduring legacy of individuals like Joyce Heeraman, who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. With the support of the community and partners like the Fiji Public Trustee, the organization remains committed to its mission of building safe, healthy and resilient communities.

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