In a remarkable display of community support, the Fiji Red Cross Society’s Western Divisional Office successfully organized a blood drive at the Shangri La Fijian Resort, collecting a total of 56 pints of blood. The generous contributions were instrumental in replenishing vital blood supplies utilized for the treatment of victims involved in a tragic bus accident that occurred in Banaras, Lautoka yesterday.

The accident, which involved a bus carrying children, is suspected to have been caused by mechanical issues, leading to the vehicle overturning. This devastating incident left several passengers injured and in critical need of immediate medical assistance.

While the exact number of individuals affected by the bus accident has not been disclosed, the Fiji Red Cross Society’s efforts to bolster blood supplies will undeniably make a profound difference in the lives of those in need.

Acknowledging the ongoing need for blood donations, blood drives will continue, with one at the Fiji Red Cross Society office at 1 Vomo Street, in Lautoka and at Aspen Hospital in Lautoka. This proactive initiative aims to sustain a sufficient and readily available blood inventory to meet any future emergencies or medical requirements in the region.

The Fiji Red Cross Society extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who participated in the blood drive at Shangri La Fijian Resort. Their invaluable contributions have not only provided a lifeline for the bus accident victims but have also reaffirmed the importance of humanitarian endeavours in times of adversity.

As the injured continue their path to recovery, the thoughts and prayers of the entire community are with them and their families.


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Fiji Red Cross Society celebrating 50 years of Humanitarian Service in Fiji.

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