International Women’s Day; Rishita Devi

Rishita Devi
Fiji Red Cross Society National Board Member

In the heart of Tavua, where hills meet the sea, lives Rishita Devi. She’s a role model for young women in Tavua and the Western Division.

Her story is about compassion, education, and leadership, showing how determination can overcome challenges.

When Tavua faced devastating floods after TC Winston in 2016, Rishita saw the impact firsthand. Inspired by the efforts of the Tavua Branch of the FRCS, led by Mr. Praveen Chandra Naidu, she volunteered with the Red Cross to help.

Her compassion led her to support relief efforts, bringing aid and hope to those affected.

As Rishita got more involved with the Red Cross, she took on a bigger role in organizing local initiatives. She found purpose in serving her community, fueling her passion for humanitarian work.

But Rishita’s story isn’t just about helping others; it’s also about the power of education. Growing up in Kavuli, she learned the value of knowledge.

As a teacher, she saw each day as a chance to inspire her students and teach them more than just facts – she wanted to instill values like compassion and social responsibility.

Rishita also believes in the importance of women’s leadership for a fairer society. She champions gender equality, knowing that everyone’s talents should be valued, regardless of gender.

As Rishita continues her journey, she believes in the power of unity and empowerment. She envisions a future where everyone’s voice matters and where every person can shine.


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