The Pacific Finance Managers Network Forum was held in Apia, Samoa from 20 to 26 September with the aim to reinforce the foundations for an overall improvement in the quality of financial management and reporting for our Pacific National Societies.  It broadens the understanding of all participants and their expectations and builds members’ competency to understand the focus areas of national societies and how Finance can provide the necessary support to drive growth and excellence. 

This year’s meeting is about reinvigorating the relationships that already exist in the region to support continued learning and skills development through the peer-to-peer exchange, it reinforces the foundations for an overall improvement in the quality of financial management and reporting. 

The newly elected Chair for the Pacific Finance Managers Network is Ms Michelle Kumar, Accountant for Fiji Red Cross Society. The Deputy Chair is Ms. Amy Andres, Finance Manager for Palau Red Cross.

In accepting the position of Pacific Finance Manager Network Chair, Michelle Kumar shared;

‘I am honoured to have been selected as the Chair of this network. It has been quite the week, from the unique opportunity to meet fellow managers and practitioners in person for the first time to strengthening team bonds and gaining deeper insights into the various National Societies. It has been an incredible week, bringing together a wealth of expertise under one roof, where we connected with individuals and shared our personal experiences.’

The Forum was also attended by our Director General, Ragigia Dawai and her participation along with other Secretary Generals from across the Pacific was really to return and pave the way forward for the National Society in terms of enhancing its finance processes and systems, as well as take on learnings from other National Societies that may be doing well in some respects.


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