August 29, 2023

Nete Logavatu, our dedicated Resilience Coordinator at the Fiji Red Cross Society, embarked on a three-day peer-to-peer exchange with the Singapore Red Cross. This transformative experience marked a significant step forward in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among Asia-Pacific National Societies.

The exchange provided an invaluable platform for National Societies across the Asia Pacific region to come together and elevate their practices through mutual learning. Nete, who played a pivotal role in this exchange, emphasized the importance of approaching such interactions with an open mind. He highlighted the need to recognize the diverse capacities, contexts, and circumstances that each organization navigates. This approach ensures that the exchange of best practices is contextualized, allowing for adaptable and effective implementation within individual settings.

Nete’s perspective on the peer-to-peer exchange was both insightful and profound. “The exchange was a fantastic platform for Asia Pacific National Societies to uplift and learn from each other’s best practices,” she shared. Her emphasis on mutual upliftment and shared learning underscored the collaborative spirit that defined the exchange.

The Singapore Red Cross emerged as a standout example during this exchange, leaving an indelible impression on Nete. The organization’s position as a leading force in the region resonated strongly. Nete was particularly impressed by the Singapore Red Cross’s success, attributed to robust financial stability and substantial government support for climate mitigation efforts. The opportunity to witness firsthand the strides made by the Singapore Red Cross in addressing climate challenges left Nete deeply inspired.

Nete articulated his sentiments on the peer-to-peer exchange, stating, “It has been a tremendous honor to learn from them.” His words capture the essence of this transformative journey—a journey that transcends borders, unites humanitarian organizations, and nurtures a collective spirit of growth and resilience.

The peer-to-peer exchange between the Fiji Red Cross Society and the Singapore Red Cross stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, the potential of shared learning, and the unwavering commitment to shaping a more resilient and interconnected world. As Nete’s journey demonstrates, when knowledge and experiences are shared, the possibilities for positive change are boundless.


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