STRENGTHENING OUR COMMITMENT TO YOUTH: Fiji Red Cross Society’s Partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports

In an era marked by dynamic challenges and opportunities, the importance of youth engagement and empowerment cannot be overstated. The youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow but active change-makers today. Recognizing this, the Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) is thrilled to strengthen our partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Earlier today, our team, led by Director General, Ragigia Dawai, met with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Honourable Jese Saukuru and Director of Youth and Sports, Mr Philip Heneriko.

They discussed ways we could strengthen partnerships in the Youth domain.

This partnership signifies a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of young people across Fiji. It’s a commitment rooted in the belief that when young minds are engaged and empowered, they can drive positive change, not only in their own lives but in the broader community as well.

By combining FRCS’s extensive experience in youth engagement and resources with the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ resources and reach, we can create a more profound and sustainable impact on the lives of young Fijians.

As we embark on this exciting journey with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we are filled with optimism about the future. We see a future where young people across Fiji are not just passive beneficiaries of aid but active agents of change, driving initiatives that address the most pressing issues facing their communities.

Our shared vision is to create a network of compassionate, informed, and empowered youth who understand the value of community service, are aware of their role in disaster preparedness and response, and are dedicated to saving lives through voluntary blood donation.

These discussions between FRCS and the Ministry of Youth and Sports marks the beginning of a new chapter in our commitment to youth empowerment. Together, we will inspire, educate, and support the next generation of leaders, and together, we will build a brighter future for Fiji.


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