Welcome to the SAVE THE FISH, CLEAN THE DRAIN CAMPAIGN START-UP information sheet.


To participate, read this carefully before you register.

Branch Prizes
1st Prize $10,000
2nd Prize $5,000
3rd Prize $3,000

  • All participating Branches will receive a Garden hamper each.
  • Members of the public participating in the activity, to support their Branch have the opportunity to win a share of $2,800 in the Clean the Fish, Save the Drain Facebook promotion (Not open to Branch volunteers).

Minimum requirements
All Branches must register to participate. There are registration requirements that must be met. Registrations open on the 2nd of October and close on the 13th of October, 2023. Any Branch not registering or has not met the requirements of registration within that period, cannot participate or will be declared not eligible to participate.

  • Branches must register with a clear indication of the drain area that will be cleaned, clearly marking out point A to point B with photographs of what the area looks like upon registration.
  • Branches are to submit a short write-up on why the Branch has chosen this area or community within its territory.
  • Branches must register the names of a minimum of 10 Branch volunteers participating.
  • Upon registration, Branches must agree to the Terms and conditions of this campaign.
  • Branch registrations open Monday 02nd October and close Wednesday 13th October, 2023.
  • To register your Branch, please complete and submit this Registration form.

Please note that the sooner your registration is accepted by the Save the Fish, Clean the Drain committee, the faster your Branch can begin work around engaging community members and stakeholders within your territory to support and participate in the Save the Fish, Clean the Drain activity.

Lead Up
The lead-up period is where your Branch will create awareness of the Save the Fish, Clean the Drain campaign working towards gaining stakeholder support for your Clean up and participation support from your communities. All these efforts must be documented and shared on the Facebook Event page as they contribute to your final scores. Your aim is to gain as much support from the community and stakeholders for the Activity. Influence them to come out in numbers to participate and to share the Campaign on social media.

  • Branches must capture pictures & videos of discussions with community members and stakeholders in the leadup to the activity including any planning meeting within the Branch and visits to the site. These pictures & videos must be uploaded to the Facebook Save the Fish, Clean the Drain Event page hashtagging  #RedCrossSavethefishCleanthedrain #IstandwithmyRCBranch
  • Branches with the most creative and innovative uploads onto the Event page, meeting the minimum requirement of hashtags & high-resolution photos or videos will have a higher scoring chance.

The clean-up activity will happen from the 01st to the 10th of November, 2023. Cleaning must cease by the 10th of November.

  • During clean-up, participating community members have the chance to participate in the Save the Fish, Clean the Drain Facebook promotion where they can win cash by uploading clean-up selfies with hashtags #RedCrossSavethefishCleanthedrain #IstandwithmyRCBranch onto the Facebook Save the Fish, Clean the Drain Event page. This is NOT open to Branch volunteers.
  • Clean-up activity must happen as a Branch with community members participating in any one session.
  • High-resolution pictures & videos must be uploaded to the Facebook Save the Fish, Clean the Drain Event page with hashtags #RedCrossSavethefishCleanthedrain #IstandwithmyRCBranch
  • Branches are responsible for the safety of all participants in their campaign.
  • Judging of Clean up area will occur from the 10th of November 2023

Remember to be as innovative, creative and think how you can help your community take ownership of cleaning their own drains long after thtis campaign has ended. 


  1. Eligibility
    Branch Affiliation:
    The participating Branch must be led by a minimum of 10 Branch volunteers who are registered and must involve members of the community.
    Territory: The clean-up campaign must focus on a designated territory within the Branch’s geographical jurisdiction.
  2. Competition Period
    Open Monday 2nd October – Friday 13th October 2023
    Submit photos (before) of designated territory that will be cleaned with DM reconfirming validity of photos with area with an explanation on the chosen location.
    Lead up period:Upon confirmation of registration – Tuesday 31st October 2023
    Upload photos & videos of engagement with communities, the General Public, Stakeholders on the Event page with Hashtags.
    Clean Up period is from the Friday 1st – Friday 10th of November 2023
    During clean up, participating community members have the chance to win cash by uploading clean up selfies or photos with relating hashtags on to the Save the Fish, Clean the Drain facebook event page. This Win cash facebook promotion is not open to Branch volunteers.

Please see full CRITERIA for Major Prizes below
First Prize – $10,000| Second Prize – $5,000| Third Prize – $3,000|

  1. Extent of Clean-up: (30 points)
    The extent of the territory cleaned within the designated timeframe.
    Impact: The visible and measurable improvement in the cleanliness and aesthetics of the territory.
  2. Community Engagement: (25 points)
    The number of volunteers, community members, and stakeholders engaged in the clean-up campaign.
  3. Environmental Impact: (20 points)
    Waste Management:
    Effective waste management practices, including proper disposal and recycling.
    Biodiversity Preservation: Efforts to protect local flora and fauna during the clean-up.
  4. Innovation and Sustainability: (15 points)
    Innovative Approaches:
    The use of creative methods, technology, or sustainable practices in the clean-up.
    Long-Term Impact: Plans or initiatives to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of the territory in the future.
  5. Community Awareness: (10 points)
    Effective communication strategies used to raise awareness about the clean-up campaign.
    Education: Initiatives to educate the community about the importance of environmental stewardship and cleanliness.

1. A panel of judges, including representatives from the Divisional Commissioners offices (Central, Eastern, Western and Northern) will evaluate each participating Branch’s clean-up campaign based on the above criteria.

2. Each criterion will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10, with a total possible score of 100 points. The Branch with the highest total score will be awarded the first prize of $10,000 with follow ups receiving $5,000 and $3,000 respectively.

The prize money & participating prizes must be used for Branch and community development.

Participating Branches are required to submit a comprehensive report detailing their clean-up campaign activities, results, and how the prize money will be utilized for the betterment of the community and the environment. Branches must provide supporting documentation, including photographs, videos, and any relevant feedback from the community.

Any misrepresentation of data or non-compliance with competition rules and guidelines may result in disqualification.
The decision of the judging panel will be final.


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