Disaster Management Coordinator
based in Suva
Reports to Programmes Manager
Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) is the largest local humanitarian organisation in Fiji committed to quality service delivery to the most vulnerable. The organisation is part of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement which has 192 member countries.

The Government of Fiji recognises the Society as a voluntary relief organisation and is auxiliary to Government. It has 16 branches throughout the country with Divisional Centres in the West, North and Central/Eastern Divisions supported by the National Office based in Suva.

The Fiji Red Cross Society has the biggest volunteer system in the Fiji Islands and they are community-based so as to enhance the effectiveness of our reach and work as an organisation.


The Disaster Management Coordinator (DMC) provides the technical lead to ensure the optimal coordination and direct management of resources required for an effective and efficient response to emergencies. The post holder is responsible for response, contingency plans, and readiness of the Disaster management system.

The DMC will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing disaster risk reduction programs, emergency response activities, and recovery programs in Fiji. This role requires strong leadership, coordination, and project management skills, as well as the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.

The DMC ensures the quality of operations based on timely response, effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance according to adequate standard operating procedures and management policies. The post holder manages and monitors the response to emergencies, disasters and any crisis where humanitarian support is required.

Ensure a strong and well-managed Emergency Operations Management 

·          Coordinate a multi-sectoral team in disaster management, disaster risk reduction, climate change, health, WASH, Restoring Family Link (RFL), emergency shelter, disaster law, logistics, budget management, Cash Voucher Assistance (CVA), Protection, Gender & Inclusion and program planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

·          Lead and coordinate emergency response efforts during disasters, including coordinating search and rescue operations, and providing emergency shelter, food, and other humanitarian assistance to affected populations. Coordinate with local authorities, humanitarian agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure a timely and effective response.

·          Lead planning, executing, monitoring, reporting, and evaluating the Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA), including budget management.

·          Ensure consistency and compliance, especially with policies, procedures, standards, methodologies and practices and also the IFRC Emergency Response Framework.

·          Develop and implement recovery programs for disaster-affected communities, including livelihood restoration, community-based disaster risk reduction, and psychosocial support activities. Coordinate with relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition from emergency response to recovery activities.

·          Evaluate the effectiveness of programmes to meet the needs of people, expectations and capacities of the Society.

·           Ensure that lessons learnt and good practices from disasters are captured, recorded and shared to improve future planning, programming and implementation.

·          Provide training and capacity-building support to Fiji Red Cross Society staff and volunteers on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery activities. Conduct training and workshops for communities and other stakeholders to build their capacity in disaster risk reduction and emergency response.

·          Works with consultants, advisors and experts in the area of disaster management, where relevant.

·          Coordinate and collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, international organizations, and local communities, to ensure effective coordination of disaster management activities. Prepare regular reports on the progress and impact of disaster management programs and activities.

·          Perform other related duties as assigned by the line manager.

·          Ability to travel and work in remote areas as needed.

Ensure the strengthening of FRCS programs through strong Relationship Management

  • Maintain effective professional working relationships with all counterparts in country, regional, IFRC, ICRC and donor agencies.

·        Collaboration with

–        Disaster Service Liaison Officers (DSLOs) and the Fiji National Disaster Management Office.

–        Health, Youth and other programme areas to promote and encourage integrated programming and its implementation.

–        Relevant government ministries for strengthening response and recovery-related activities.

  • Ensure that FRCS policies, procedures, guidelines and quality standards are known and complied with.
  • Representing FRCS to stakeholder consultations and meetings as directed by the Manager Programs.
  • Support to facilitate effective cooperation and partnerships with a wide range of partners and stakeholders.

Respond appropriately to disasters

  • Implementation of FRCS disaster preparedness, response and relief activities in accordance with the organisation mandate set out in the Fiji National Disaster Management Plan.
  • Provide effective support, including technical advice, to ensure that appropriate disaster preparedness and response mechanisms are established in the FRCS, both to facilitate effective disaster response and to build on and strengthen capacities in this area.
  • Develop and coordinate training on disaster preparedness and awareness to ensure that:

–        FRCS staff and volunteers know their role and are prepared to respond to any possible disaster.

–        Based Early Warning Systems (CBEWS) is established for identified communities to complement National EWS.

–        training needs for staff, volunteers and communities on disaster issues are identified.

  • Develop and design Disaster Management Plan so that:

–        resources are made available rapidly and efficiently to support the Branches through their Divisions in disaster response;

–        Coordinators can contribute to and assist in the preparation of the Plan for donors, including expenditure plans and situation reports (SitReps)

–        Emergency Operation Centres (EOC) can be set up efficiently before or during a disaster.

Ensure the strengthening of FRCS programs through strong internal mechanisms and coordination

·        Maintain excellent working relationships with Branches executives, Branch office holders & volunteers, the Executive Management Team and members of other programmes based at the National Office.

  • Coordinate and update FRCS Standard Operating Procedures for natural and man-made emergencies and disasters and Disaster Preparedness, Response and Relief Plan.
  • Lead and coordinate with the:

–        Health Coordinator on the current status of health activities;

–        PMER officers on planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of disaster activities;

–        Accountant on facilitation of the Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA).

  • Coordinate with PMER on the regular reporting through SitReps to the Director General, IFRC, ICRC, donors and the National Board.


·        Develop and monitor the disaster component of an annual budget.

·        Preparation of monthly reports to Manager Programs.

·        Preparation and submission of Board Reports in a timely manner.

·        Assisting in all fundraising events of the Society.

·        May be required to work after hours (i.e. evenings/weekend)



·        Ensure efficient and effective management of FRCS resources.

·        Ensure compliance with FRCS procedures, regulations and policies.

·        Monitor the annual operational plan on a monthly basis and submit progress reports to the Programmes Manager.

·        Contributes to the preparation of timely Project Donor reports and acquittals.

Issues applicable to All Staff

1. Must subscribe and adhere to the FRCS fundamental principles.
2. Must sign the FRCS Child Protection Policy.
3. Promotes gender development and equal opportunities in team development.
4. Promotes Protection and Social Inclusion in program activities.
5. Perform other related duties as assigned by the Director General.

Position Requirements

Education   Required Preferred
Bachelor’s degree in disaster management, emergency management, humanitarian assistance, or a related field. Master’s degree preferred. x
Master in Disaster Management or Environmental Health preferably with a project and disaster work background or related field. x
Experience   Required  Preferred
At least 5 years of experience in disaster management, emergency response, or related field, preferably in a leadership or coordination role. x
Working understanding of the DRR environment in Fiji. x
Good understanding of the global context of DRR and the environment. x
Experience of working for the Red Cross Red Crescent. x
Knowledge and Skills Required  Preferred
Strong knowledge of disaster risk reduction principles, emergency response procedures, and recovery programs.

Familiarity with Fiji’s disaster management policies, procedures, and relevant stakeholders.

Demonstrated understanding of gender and diversity in programming. x
Familiarity with Fiji’s disaster management policies, procedures, and relevant stakeholders. x
Experience dealing with sensitive topics and an appreciation for how these issues are dealt with in different cultural contexts. x
Proven experience in project management, including planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting. x
Training/facilitation skills. x
Self-supporting in computers (Windows, spreadsheets, word-processing) x
Excellent communication and coordination skills, with the ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, local communities, and international organizations. x
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